Aren't you tired of feeling down all the time? Feeling overwhelmed, anxious & depleted? 
Do you want to finally get rid of this dreaded brain fog and silence this endless mind chatter?
Do you want to find the energy to get off this couch and pursue your life with love, passion & purpose?
Wouldn't you like to feel more vibrant & alive?
Wouldn't you like to unleash your creativity & gain your life back?

                             NOW IS YOUR TIME!

             Restore Your Energy & Vitality in 8 Weeks No Matter Where You Are on Your Healing Journey  

This is your
8 week personalized learning experience for you to create Everlasting Radiance, Vitality & Wellbeing

Dear Beautiful You!

Life challenges, stresses and trials are inevitable part of our journey, but...
Making the decision to stay Happy, Healthy and Motivated is a choice… YOUR CHOICE! 
So, If you want to:

- Look and feel more vibrant and alive
- Live with purpose and intention
-Unlock your creative potentials
-Revive social and intimate relationships
-Gain a sense of belonging and grounding
-Find your life true calling and meaning

-Jump out of bed in the morning full of motivation, vitality and energy!

Then, this could be the most important message you ever read. Here’s why:
My name is Amira, I hold a master degree in pharmaceutics and a PhD in natural health. I am a published author and international speaker. My books have been translated into more than 10 languages and read & taught by 1000s around the globe. I am a visionary pioneer and a leading authority in the field of women’s health and wellness. But, most importantly I am a wife and a mum of two lovely (well, most of the time!) teens. And, I designed this new Body Whispers workshop with YOU in mind. In it, I distilled all my 18+ years of experience in women health and wellness that expands way beyond emotional and physical health.

This innovative Body Whispers Workshop teaches you a new way to approach your everyday life that brings excitement, motivation, vitality and joy no matter your quality of life is today.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it's not!

If you are serious about being there for your children and grand children, doing more for yourself and living and enjoying life to the fullest, then you’ll need all the energy to make this happen. And, that’s exactly what I’ll show you how to do.

You might be thinking…
“Amira, if your approach is that simple and powerful, why most people are still lacking energy, vitality and zest of life? Why depression and anxiety are on the rise? Why are so many women tired, overwhelmed and depleted?”
Well, for one thing, I’ve never seen this information packed and presented in this simple, practical and approachable format ever before… But, mostly, it’s our modern lifestyle and conditioning…

Most women are still looking for the magic pill...

The magic pill that will fix their life, their marriage or their health… 
Most women got too caught up in the rat race society and ride on the hamster wheel every morning while being totally disconnected from their inner intuition and basic instinct… 
Most women choose to rely on quick fixes like coffee, sugars or pain medications to keep going… 
Most women choose to ignore their body whispers until they turn into screams and then they are faced with the consequences…

That’s what almost happened to me… and, it seems to be happening to 100s of women I meet…

I love getting up early, jumping out of bed in the morning full of energy, vitality and motivation… I live with passion, meaning and intention… I enjoy spending time with my kids, my family and my friends, I enjoy working with clients, teaching, painting, quilting, cooking, writing, walking in nature… And, I have all the energy to do that!

But, it wasn’t always that way…

Here's my story...

I suffered from digestive issues all my life. It runs in my mum’s family, so we all thought it was just ‘normal’… Bloating, bleeding, haemorrhoids, aches, nausea… Yes, we really thought all that was normal. even the colon cancer that my two aunts and my grand dad died with were also considered ‘normal’…. You have to die of something, right? Aside from that, we were a pretty healthy family. I don’t remember going to a doctor when I was young. We simply didn’t need to. My grandmother cupboard and fridge were filled with spices, fresh herbs, home-made ferments and jams that did all the healing. May be this was what kept us alive and pretty healthy.
When I grew up I studied pharmacy and had my Master in pharmaceutics. And, from years of teaching at the faculty I saw how medication can relieve symptoms in no time, but I also knew how this can fool us into believing we're healed... I experienced first hand how masking pain, depletion, and stresses with quick fixes can push our depression, anxiety and chronic illnesses deeper into our body turning acute transient discomfort into chronic pain and turning body whispers into screams. I witnessed diseases and syndromes that we rarely heard of before becoming so common… I saw how we became experts at labeling our conditions, yet we failed miserably at healing them…

So, I followed my passion for natural life and living and decided to shift gears… I pursued my PhD in natural health. Soon enough, I wrote my thesis on the effect of spirituality on health… A radical right brain shift for a left brained scientist like myself. Ten years ago, I then started my career in the natural health sector with a practice that combines the best of both worlds: Science with spirituality and functional nutrition with mind/body healing. 

Little did I know that this unique dual approach will later save my life...
Just few years back, I was faced with a scary health challenge… After some stressful event in my life, I slept and woke up the next day with a cloudy view in my right eye… I waited for it to lift, but it didn’t. It kept getting worse. Soon, the right side of my body started getting numb. I had nerve pain and heaviness in my right leg, then my right arm followed suit. My family doctor said it was ‘just stress’… Lab results turned up normal, my eye exam didn’t show anything either… “May be you just need to change glasses,” she concluded.
 Deep inside, I knew it was more that just stress and definitely more than just glasses… I was scared and alarmed. I was now willing to try anything… but what? No one gave me any suggestions. I decided to start with the gluten-free diet… It is an anti-inflammatory diet anyway, so it wouldn’t hurt, I reasoned. I was hoping for my symptom deterioration to slow down or at least stay under control until I figure out my next move… To my surprise, in just 2 weeks, the fog on my eye totally lifted and the leg pain eased. I was encouraged and resumed... My genetic tests confirmed that I had both genes involved with celiac disease. Now, my family history made much more sense.

As I proceeded to heal my physical body, I found it essential to heal my heart & Soul...

I proceeded to restore my gut lining and normal flora, calm down my inflammation and my over reactive immune system using the needed diet, nutrients and supplements… Meanwhile, I took time to tune in to my body and listen to its whispers. This is a skill I learned as I practiced natural healing for years. I have seen miracle shifts in health and healing when people learn to simply ‘listen’ to their body needs and implement the required emotional, spiritual and mental shift in their approach to life. So, I listened… 

All my symptoms pointed at a sixth chakra energy leak, the third eye energy centre. The whispers were all about flexibility. I was at a cross road in my life where I was trying so hard to swim against the tide, to flow against the wind. I was fighting and struggling aimlessly and hopelessly to change what I know I could never change. I was seeking my way and refusing to ‘see’ or embrace any other alternatives, choices or options… This was my lesson and this was the message my body was trying to deliver and as I turned deaf ears, the whispers went louder and louder until they became screams. 

My first and third energy centers needed my attention as well. As I changed countries and homes… as I drifted away from my beloved city, Alexandria… and, as I lost my family house with the recent death of my grandmother, I felt uprooted. The first chakra needs a stable foundation, a root, an anchor and base to stand on... And, my foundation was heavily shaking. 

On the other side, as my business was growing, it required from me to go out there and talk to people, network and get the word out... I was forced away from my comfort zone, I was forced away from behind my computer screen, my safe hiding shelter and felt exposed and unprotected… What if they don’t like me? What if I do not meet up to their expectations? What if … What if… Vulnerability and self-esteem are functions of the third chakra… And, this too wasn’t doing too well. 

And, if you think changing diet so drastically is tough; changing attitude, beliefs and perceptions are way tougher. It is a life long process that needs awareness, mindfulness, and will power. Yet, it is totally worth it. As I made shifts in my perceptions, lifestyle and dietary choices,  I became happier and healthier than ever before. My new found energy added hours to my days -or let me call it blessings to my hours- allowing me to be more productive in my work and in all areas of my life and most importantly, I live with so much passion, meaning and purpose that I never imagined possible. 

What would that kind of transformation mean to you?

Body Whispers Workshop will show you exactly how to transform your life inside out... How to live with passion, purpose and meaning. I have taught my energy restoration and healing approach to 100s of women worldwide. It helped them have more energy and vitality, regain life purpose and meaning and reclaim back their health… Now, you can do the same. Believe me I’ve seen miracle shifts happen over and over again.

                        You can do it! I’ll show you how!

I’ve taken my 18+ years of experience on health education to bring you my Body Whispers and Energy Restoration Worksop.
You Deserve so much more than a life of lethargy and ill health, Don’t you?
Let’s face it. Enjoying life, living with passion, health and vitality shouldn’t be such a challenge. Our grandmothers knew how to do it… They were more healthy and way happier than we are now… They were more in touch with their body, with their soul and with nature… A simple lifestyle and perception shift can make a world of difference.

You deserve better and you know it. But, you need a plan. You need a road map to show you the way to your destination.
 That’s why I am here.
                      If you allow me I’ll be your guide
I’ll show you how to improve your health  and reclaim your happiness, possibly more than you could ever have imagined.

Body Whispers workshop is a step by step approach that combines science, natural health and ancient wisdom to help you increase your energy and reclaim back your life.
This workshop is highly entertaining and easy to implement. It is a unique scientifically based program rooted in 1000s of years of traditional wisdom. It has all you need to embrace the life of your dream.

What people are saying...

"Dr. Amira’s Body Whispers program is a life-altering experience. I have a new perspective on my personal power and most importantly, I’m discovering my own path to self-love, which is something I honestly didn’t know was possible. Dr. Amira’s personal approach and awareness coaching offer a complete package for self-renewal. I feel happier and on the road to a healthier, more fulfilling life. I am forever grateful.”
- Jennifer, Oakville, Ontario

Each week you’ll explore an area of your health and healing. You will learn about food that support your energy centres, you will practice meditation, art healing and visualization exercises and you will do some soul excavation with journaling and friendly discussions.

  Venue: Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre
    1086 Burnhamthorpe Rd E, Oakville,
                     ON L6H 7B2

8 Fridays: Starting Friday 22nd of January 2016 from 9 AM to 12 noon.  



Here's What You'll Learn

Week 1... Setting The Stage & Finding Your Why

In the first week, you will learn how to clear you pantry and stock your kitchen with healthy, delicious food that nourish your body and uplift your soul. You will also set your intention and take an inventory of where you are now on your healing journey and where you want to go.

Week 2: Integration... Building Your Foundation
You will start your energy healing journey with the first chakra.  You will explore where do you belong and to what extent do you feel safe, secure and grounded.  You will explore issues of safety, security and needs. You will learn how unfulfilled need at this energy level can compromise your immunity, bones and joint health and set the stage for depression, overwhelm and anxiety. You will also learn about foods that support your first energy centre and that calm the fight-flight response.

Week 3: Indulgence... Adding Zest to Your Life
The second chakra is about life joys and pleasures. In week 3, you will explore the extent to which you enjoy your life and feel fulfilled emotionally, sexually, and financially. You will learn how to add creativity and joys to your life. You will learn how unfulfilled needs at this energy level can wreck havoc with your sex hormones. You will learn about foods that support your second energy centre and that balance your sex hormones.

Week 4: Implementation...Reclaiming Your Powers

The third chakra is about your personal powers. In week 4, you will explore the extent to which you feel self actualized... The extent to which you put your talents and potentials into actual use... You will assess the level of your self-confidence and learn how unfulfilled need at this energy level can compromise your digestion and set the stage to insulin resistance and diabetes and sometime even to cancer. You will learn about foods that support your third energy centre and that balance your blood sugar level.

Week 5: Intimacy... Healing Your Heart
In week 5, you will explore the extent to which you feel love towards yourself and others... The extent to which you are able to forgive yourself and others, to heal your heart from envy, hatred, prejudgment and doubt... to live in peace and compassion with yourself and with the whole world. You will learn how unfulfilled need at this energy level can compromise your cardiovascular health, your breathing, your immunity and may set the stage for autoimmune disorders and breast cancer. You will learn about foods that support your fourth energy centre and that boost your immunity and support your heart and blood vessels health.

Week 6: Integrity... Expressing Your Authentic Voice 
In week 6, you will explore the extent to which you speak and live your truth; the extent to which you express your authentic unique voice in the right cause; the extent to which you surrender to the Divine will out of grace, assertiveness and gratitude not out of helplessness and despair. You will learn how unfulfilled need at this energy level can compromise your thyroid health, your metabolism, your throat and bone health. You will learn about foods that support your fifth energy centre and your thyroid functions.

Week 7: Insight... Listening to Your Intuition... 

In week 7, you will explore the extent to which you feel aware of the wisdom behind the trials and challenges in your life; the extent to which you listen to your intuition and inner insight; the extent to which you cultivate awareness and mindfulness in your daily life.  You will learn how unfulfilled need at this energy level can compromise your nervous system and your whole hormonal regulation. You will learn about foods that support your sixth energy centre and your pituitary functions.

Week 8: Intention... Connecting with the Divine... 
In this week, as you delve into the health of the 7th chakra, you will be also putting it all together and exploring your life higher Divine meaning and purpose. You will explore the extent to which you feel connected to and supported by your Creator. You will learn how unfulfilled needs at this energy level can compromise your whole system. You will learn about foods that support your seventh energy centre and your pineal gland.

You Will Also Learn About... 

- My 7 chosen spices for the 7 chakras and how to add them to every day diet. You will get to taste them too!
- My 7 chosen teas for Chakra healing and why and when to use them. You will get a taste of these as well!
- My 7 chosen essential oils for Emotional and spiritiual healing and how to make use of them in your healing journey! 

You Will experience...
- Real life action plans to start implementing right away 
- Meditation/ visualization and art healing exercises for each energy centre
- Deep self-understanding to find your real passion and life meaning and live with motivation and enthusiasm! 

The Beliefs you are holding
The food you are eating The lifestyle choices you are making Could be robbing your energy, ailing your body and depleting your soul!

If it weren’t the truth, may be you wouldn’t still be on this page… So why waste another day of your life?
                  Enroll for Body Whispers Workshop today!
Why learn the hard way, on your own through trial and error… let me hold your hand through your healing journey…

Bonus: Body Whispers Journal. A 290 page beautiful paper back journal packed with journal prompts, diety advice, lifestyle plans... and more (value $45)

Now, let me ask you what’s going to happen if you don’t take the decision to change your life now?
Think about it for a moment. Where will you be and how will you look and feel in 6 months if you don’t get started? Do you honestly expect your life to change for you?

This is an intimate setting with only 15 spots to fill... So grab your seat today!
You don’t have to do it alone. You will get all the help and support you need.

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I look forward to helping you live your healthiest, happiest and most energetic life ever!
Start now by making the decision to live a more healthy, happy and fulfilling life! 

With Health and Healing